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AUTHENTIC EDITIONS of Tchaikovsky’s main instrumental and vocal works

Tchaikovsky. His main 36 works.

Tchaikovsky’s 36 best known works were published simultaneously in 2007…

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Tchaikovsky. The Nutcracker. Fairy ballet. Full score (in two volumes) with parts.

The present edition of P. I. Tchaikovsky’s ballet The Nutcracker, launched by the Russian publishing house P. Jurgenson, is unique and remarkable…

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WELCOME to P. Jurgenson Publishing House, Tchaikovsky’s principal publisher on a world scale

01. Piano
02. Violin
03. Cello
04. Vocal Music
05. Scores and parts
06. Books

P. Jurgenson was the first publisher of all the works by Tchaikovsky

THE PRINCIPAL REFERENCE BOOK on Tchaikovsky’s oeuvre

Tchaikovsky. Thematic and Bibliographical Catalogue of Works

A unique reference book dedicated to the work of the great Russian…

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Boris Pasternak. Biographical Album.

The album embraces the life and work of the great poet Boris Pasternak. It contains numerous photos from his family archives, reproductions of paintings and drawings by his father, the artist Leonid Pasternak, memoirs of his son Evgeny Pasternak, as well as Pasternak’s own poems and excerpts from his prose works and letters.

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